Hey, let’s go get family pictures done! And then sit 3 hours one-way in the car driving through the national park! 😃
…said no one ever!


We help you get the scenic photos you want without spending hours in a car to get them! LESS FUSS!

Are you thinking about having a family session in Cades Cove? We don’t blame you! It’s one of the most beautiful places nestled in the Smoky Mountains!

However, everyone else thinks so too! It’s also quite a bit of a drive to get there and back. In order to get through the scenic loop, it can take up to 4 hours, not counting the actual session time! Plus, no public restrooms. 🤭
Put that together with younger kids stuck in a car all that time and you can just feel the stress begin to stack up!

Your family photo session should be an enjoyable, stress-free memory that you make here in the mountains 😀 not one that everyone will dread for years to come. ☹️

Although Cades Cove is beautiful, it’s not the only beautiful location here in Gatlinburg! Our photographers have several hand picked scenic spots that are perfect for family sessions–especially if young children are coming along for the ride!

Starting at only $65, a family session with Gatlinburg Photo Studios is more affordable than you think.

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